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The StoryLearning® Kit is a free resource that will teach you how to learn a new language with stories. 

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80% Of People Who try to Learn A New Language ... fail!

That's because most people try to learn languages like they did at school.

Word lists. Grammar tests. Repeat after me. 

Sound familiar?

News flash... 

If the method you used at school didn't work, it won't work now! 

It's Time To Learn Languages In A Different Way! 

The StoryLearning® Method is a totally new way of learning a new language, using stories... not rules! 

Discover how you can learn a new language up to 6X faster using stories. 

Who Is Olly Richards?

Olly Richards is an international best-selling author, speaker and teacher who speaks 8 languages.

He has published over 20 language learning books, featured widely in media, including a BBC documentary, and has 10,000s of students who enjoy learning languages with stories. 

Olly Richards is the founder of and speaks 8 languages.
Over 1 million people worldwide enjoy learning languages with the StoryLearning® method. 
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