How To Master The Basics Of Spanish In 2 Weeks
... and speak with the locals in their language on your next trip abroad!
  • Planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, but speak little or no Spanish right now?
  • Want to master the basics of Spanish quickly without months of frustrating study?
  • Determined to learn the key phrases you need to survive in Spanish so that you can bond with the locals and transform your trip?
Dear adventurer,

Dreaming of the trip of a lifetime in Spain or Latin America?

Then I'm sure you've thought about how speaking a bit of Spanish could completely transform your experience on your trip.

Just imagine...
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  • Greeting people confidently in Spanish and bringing smiles of genuine appreciation to their faces
  • Effortlessly handling any situation in Spanish, giving you the confidence to relax and enjoy every second of your trip
  • Becoming more culturally savvy, as you engage with people around you in Spanish, rather than searching desperately for an English translation at every turn
Learning a little Spanish allows you to have these kinds of life changing travel experiences.

But let's be honest... you already know this!

Now here's what you might not know:

You can use the new "Fast Mastery" system I've developed to learn the survival Spanish you need for your trip in only two weeks.

(Or your money back.)

After just two weeks using my system, you'll be able to:
  • Get that perfect corner table in a local family-run restaurant, ask the waiter for his top recommendation and enjoy a special meal every night
  • Understand prices and negotiate with shopkeepers, so you can score a bargain on the beautiful handbag you saw in the local market and avoid the "tourist tax"
  • Ask for help, directions or advice in everyday situations, so you can delight the people you meet by speaking Spanish and be a more conscientious traveller
How is this possible?


You see, this isn't about becoming "fluent" in Spanish. (There's time for that later.)

This is about learning the key Spanish phrases that every traveller needs...

And then mastering those phrases, so that you can actually use them on the street.

With my "Fast Mastery" system, I'm in the business of creating unforgettable travel experiences through language.


Read on...
    Master The Basics Of Spanish In
    2 Weeks & Enjoy The Adventure Of A Lifetime!
    Survive In Spanish is my "Fast Mastery" programme that helps you learn the essential Spanish you need for your next trip, without months of frustrating study.

    You can't become fluent in Spanish in 2 weeks, but you CAN you learn a small number of carefully-chosen words and phrases, and quickly become confident using them, even if you lead a busy life.

    You just need to have a rock-solid system for how to learn them.
    That's what I provide in Survive In Spanish.
      Fun, Fast & Effective Learning,
      At Home or On Your Holiday
      When you buy a regular Spanish phrasebook, all you're buying is a list of phrases.

      This list of phrases can be good for getting you out of a tight spot...

      But let's face it, who wants to walk into a shop and read from a phrasebook?

      Here's what Survive In Spanish does differently:
      • You learn the most useful and practical phrases from your phrasebook
      • ​You listen to those phrases in real Spanish conversations until you know them inside-out
      • ​You practise those phrases using my "Fast Mastery" system until you can use them with confidence in the real world!
      Survive In Spanish bridges the gap between your phrasebook and the real world.

      Let's look at how it works...
      Learn Spanish naturally by reading and listening to them in the context of real Spanish conversationsSo when you hop off the plane, you'll be used to the way people really speak and you won't feel overwhelmed by Spanish in the real world.
      Prepare your ear to survive in Spanish by immersing yourself in real conversations.
      Next, you'll study translations of the key phrases you've learned and make sure you understand what they mean and when they're used.
      Quick reference translations for everything you learn in the course to help you memorise the Spanish you need quickly.
      In step 3, you'll internalise the essential Spanish you'll need for your trip with creative practice exercises so that you can easily recognise and remember them in conversation.

      You'll do this through short but powerful written exercises that engrave the Spanish phrases in your brain so you won't forget them when it comes time to speak!

      Practise what you've learned with focused pronunciation and speaking exercises that prepare you to use your Spanish in the real world. This is an essential step in mastering basic Spanish that you won't find in any phrasebook!
      You'll do this by drilling the key Spanish phrases with fun audio and video activities so that you can clearly and confidently say them aloud yourself.

      Interactive videos help you refine your pronunciation quickly.
      Finally, the ultimate test! Simulate the Spanish conversations you'll have on your travels with our fun and innovative "role play" videos. By the time you've gotten this far, you'll know your Spanish phrases inside out and be more than ready to survive in Spanish in the real world!
      Real time practice videos help you role-play important situations.

      Featured Image Headline

      "Olly’s top-notch language-learning insights are right in line with the best of what we know from neuroscience and cognitive psychology about how to learn effectively. I love his work—and you will too!"

      - Dr. Barbara Oakley, Author Of NYT Best-seller: A Mind For Numbers & Instructor Of Learning How To Learn
      The 9 Survival Situations
      The course consists of 9 modules, each one focusing on a different situation you'll need to handle during your Spanish adventure.

      In each module, you'll learn a collection of no-fail Spanish words and phrases that have been carefully organised into specific situations:

      Module 1 - "I Don't Understand"

      You won’t understand everything you hear during your trip. But that’s ok! In the first module of the course, you’ll learn to deal with situations where you don’t understand what’s being said, so you can avoid looking like a clueless tourist. 

      Module 2 - Fail-Proof Greetings

      All it takes is a few words… In module 2, you'll learn simple greetings that will bring on goodwill and smiles, wherever you go and allow you to begin to truly connect with the locals.

      Module 3 - Finding Hidden Gems

      In module 3, you’ll learn to confidently ask the locals for the best cafes, bars and restaurants, so you can toss your Lonely Planet and discover the real places the locals go to. Use these phrases with confidence and they'll make the difference between “nice holiday” and “adventure of a lifetime”! 

      Module 4 - Numbers

      Whether you’re trying to find the right bus, ask for prices in a shop, buy tickets or just order a few beers, numbers will be central to everything you do during your trip. We’ll help you get to grips with them quickly so you can avoid any unfortunate errors while abroad.

      Module 5 - Restaurants

      One of the best parts of any trip is the variety of incredible local food you get to try. From paella and tortilla española in Spain to Mexican burritos or Argentine asado, there's no shortage of delicious local dishes to tuck into in the Spanish-speaking world. In this module, you’ll learn to order the tastiest local dishes in real Spanish and avoid any nasty surprises!

      Module 6 - Transport

      Whether you’re taking the metro from your hotel to the city centre or hopping on a long distance bus half-way across South America, you need to be able to talk about transport if you want to survive your trip, stress-freeIn this module, you’ll learn the Spanish phrases you need to get you where you want to go, and buy the right ticket to get you there!

      Module 7 - Directions

      Nothing screams “tourist” more than standing on a street corner, map or smartphone in hand, bemusedly trying to work out where you are. Your travel time is precious, so don’t waste it getting lost! In module 7, we teach you how to ask for directions and find what you’re looking for in Spanish, so you can spend your holiday looking at the local art instead of looking at a confusing map.

      Module 8 - Shopping

      Nothing ruins a good trip more than feeling like you’ve been ripped off. In this module, you’ll learn how to buy what you need, and negotiate a fair price so that you can bring home beautiful local gifts and artisan souvenirs without paying “tourist prices”.

      Module 9 - Dealing With Emergencies

      Hopefully your trip will be a completely stress-free experience...
      But it just in case, we’ll teach you the Spanish you need to survive a medical emergency and get yourself (or someone else) the medical attention that's needed.
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      A No-Brainer To Prepare For Your Trip!
      With language learning, the problem is not the price of the book or course that you choose to buy (although some do cost $1000s).

      The problem is that most of them simply aren't right for you.

      The real value in Survive In Spanish is that if follows a simple 5 step "Fast Mastery" system that focuses exclusively on the Spanish you actually need to enjoy an incredible trip and can be completed in 14 days or less.

      You won’t learn thousands of Spanish words, but the things you do learn will be relevant and useful in the real world.

      And because there’s a sensible amount of it, you’ll be able to learn it quickly and use it with confidence.

      When your trip is already on the horizon, it's the only sensible approach to mastering the Spanish you need and doing it quickly.

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      Satisfaction Guaranteed!

      I’m a big believer in fairness, so I offer a 100% money-back guarantee for Survive In Spanish.

      Enrol today, spend two weeks on the course, then go on your next trip and see just how much you've learned.

      If your results are anything less than TRANSFORMATIONAL, I'll refund every penny.

      Sound fair?

      (I bet the company who published your phrasebook won't offer you this guarantee!)

      I'm certain that if you join Survive In Spanish and take a couple of weeks to go through the programme... you'll have the Spanish adventure of a lifetime and you won't want to take advantage of this guarantee!

      But it's there nonetheless, so you can join with confidence today.

      Are You Ready For A
      Life Changing Spanish Adventure?
      Just imagine yourself…
      • ​Greeting people with confidence and shaking off that "touristy" image
      • ​Chatting to your waiter in real Spanish, and asking for his best recommendations from the menu, so you can have that "perfect meal" every time
      • ​Having the confidence to approach people for whatever you need, so you can survive in any situation and relax on your trip
      • ​Knowing exactly how to ask locals for the best places to eat or drink in the area, so you take advantage of "insider knowledge" and make the most of every minute
      Learning basic Spanish is the only way to have unique experiences like these on your travels.

      Experiences money can't buy.

      But experiences that a few carefully chosen words of Spanish can unlock for you in a matter of minutes.

      Survive In Spanish is your passport to an unforgettable adventure, so click the button below to enrol now.
      Price today: Only $47 (USD)
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      Frequently Asked Questions
      I'm not a complete beginner. Is this course still relevant for me?
      If you already learned Spanish to an intermediate level or higher, then this course is not for you. But if you're still at the beginner level in Spanish and want to learn the kind of practical language you need to make the most of your next trip abroad you'll enjoy Survive In Spanish.
      What is your refund policy?
      I want you to be delighted with Survive In Spanish, so I offer a 100% money-back guarantee for the course. Join today & try out the programme... if it’s not for you, simply email us any time in the next 30 daysMy friendly customer service team will promptly refund every penny you paid for the course.

      Which variety of Spanish do you use in the guide?
      I’ve used a neutral variety of Spanish throughout, which will be understood perfectly wherever you go. I’ve avoided any slang terms or expressions that are unique to one particular country, so you can use all the words and phrases with confidence and without fear of embarrassment!
      How long does it take to complete the course?
      The course has been kept short so that a very busy person can learn and practice all the Spanish within 2 weeks, studying for around 30 minutes per day. However, everyone learns differently, so you might like to spend more or less time on the material. You can certainly do it in less time if you’re prepared to work a bit harder!
      Can I study at my own pace? Are there any live components to the course?
      The course is designed for you to study at your own pace, is based on self-study and has no live components. This means you can study in a time and place that suits you and can make faster progress on your own terms! What's more, you get free updates to the course as they are released in the future, and the materials never expire. 

      The course material is fully downloadable, so if you don’t have a good internet connection, you can download what you need, and access it any time, any place. 
      Why is the course in US Dollars?
      I have students from many countries around the world, and the US Dollar is the most widely-accepted currency. But don't worry! You can purchase the course with any debit or credit card, no matter where you live, and your bank will automatically convert the USD to your local currency at the market rate. 
      What's the difference between Survive In Spanishand Spanish Uncovered?
      Spanish Uncovered is my comprehensive story based course for beginners that takes you from zero to intermediate in Spanish. It contains around 200 hours of learning material and will take you around 3-6 months to complete.

      Survive in Spanish is my fast mastery programme that helps you master the essential Spanish words and phrases you need to survive in your next trip to Spain or Latin America. It's designed to teach you a small amount of essential Spanish but teach it to you well, so that you feel confident and prepared on your trip. It takes most students two weeks or less to complete Survive In Spanish.
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