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How To Quickly Learn To Speak Any
Language Fluently and With Confidence
...Even As a Beginner!
The exact techniques and routines you need to learn a new language and start speaking fluently, rolled into a step-by-step, easy-to-follow video course.
  • Are you committed to learning a new language this year?
  • Are you confused about the best way to study every day when you're just starting out?
  • Would you like to know the exact activities and study routines that will help you become fluent quickly?
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I created this course after speaking to thousands of people like you.

You're passionate about learning a new language, but you're not sure how to do it.

What you need is a step-by-step system that you can have confidence in, so you can start to learn your target language effectively, without doubting what you're doing.

I've taken my experience of learning 7 foreign languages and boiled it down into the specific techniques I use to make progress quickly and start speaking fluently in months rather than years.
I Understand... Because I've Been
There Too
I know what it's like to want to speak a foreign language fluently, but to be confused about how to do it.

I know what it's like to have that passion to learn, but to find it hard to make progress.

I know this because I've been there too... as a complete beginner.

But I've got a different perspective now - I've been a complete beginner in seven different languages!

With each new language I've lived in different countries, used different methods and done things very differently every time.

They all worked... to varying degrees. But what I've learnt from all this experience, is that there are certain factors and habits that punch far above their weight when it comes to learning a language quickly.

In other words, to learn to speak a language fluently you need to do two things:

1.  Focus on a few highly effective activities

2.  Stay focused and schedule your time so that you actually do them

I'm not talking about some special code or secret method here. It's about learning to filter through the noise and focus on the things that really contribute to becoming fluent.

Doing "a bit of everything" is simply too slow. "Not having a plan" is a recipe for disaster.

When you know exactly what to focus on, and what to ignore, the game changes!

It's these language learning foundations that I follow every time I learn a new language, and that I'm excited to share with you on this simple, easy-to-follow new course.

The Exact Activities and Daily Routines I Use
 to Learn a New Language, Laid Out in a Step-by-Step
 Video Course

Over 2.5 hours of training, delivered in 10 easy-to-follow video modules.

It's taken me 14 years and a lot of trial and error to learn this stuff. And I've packaged it up into a series of practical, actionable videos for you to start learning from right away - today!

The 10-part video course doesn't try to overwhelm you with every technique under the sun. Instead it offers you the simplest, most practical and easy-to-follow guide available to exactly how to study every day to become fluent in a new language quickly.
Would you like to...
  • Finally make real progress in your language with a simple, effective study pattern?
  • Say goodbye to feelings of confusion, so you can start enjoying the process?
  • Learn what to focus on, and to ignore, so you stop wasting your time?
  • Learn vocabulary without forgetting it, and grow your vocabulary faster than ever before?
  • Keep your motivation high and start enjoying the learning experience?
  • Study more effectively in the time that you've got, so you can move beyond the beginner stage?
  • Integrate your language into your day so that you keep improving and studying becomes automatic?
  • Start speaking with native speakers with confidence, even as a beginner?
  • Improve your level quickly so you can start living your target language, rather than just studying it?
It's certainly possible to learn lots of useful things from language teachers.

However, as you already know, learning "about" the language simply isn't enough.

What I can offer you is something other people can't. It's the real-life experience that comes with learning to speak 7 foreign languages fluently. I don't just write about language learning... I actually do it, and there are plenty of videos on YouTube to prove it.

But there's more. Not only do I have the practical experience of learning languages, I've worked with countless people to help them learn too. Thanks to this, I understand very well the specific problems that hold people back. Things like...

1.  Confusion over how to study

2.  Problems in studying regularly

3.  Not knowing how to start speaking with native speakers

4.  Loss of motivation when it all gets too overwhelming.

I understand these problems and I know how to deal with them.
"I have made HUGE progress with Spanish because of what I have learned from you. YOU are the reason why I bit the bullet and started conversations (now up to 2 per week and about to be 3 per week). Couldn't be better. Amazed at my progress."
- Susan Reed, Boston MA

I can't recommend Olly's Language Learning Foundations highly enough. It's simple and it works. I have been learning Spanish for almost 10 years and this course has transformed my progress, especially the use of flashcards. Buy it today.
- Mike Gardner
With Language Learning Foundations
You Will Learn...
  • Module 1: The secret of a perfect method
  • Module 2: How to find the perfect resources
  • Module 3: How to make quick progress and not get distracted
  • Module 4: How to start speaking, whatever your level
  • Module 5: How to memorise vocabulary... and not forget it!
  • Module 6: My top 5 language hacking activities
  • Module 7: How to create a native environment in your own home
  • Module 8: How to become a study machine... no matter how busy you are!
  • Moduel 9: Exactly what activities to do every day
  • Module 10: How to stay motivated and make serious progress
The aim of these 10 modules is to systematically remove the doubt over how you should be spending your time.

You'll know exactly what's important to start making quick progress, and exactly how to do it. The last two modules in the course walk you through how to plan out your week and even a framework for choosing the specific activities to do every day.

I started with more than double the amount of content, but reduced it to only 10 videos in order to keep it laser-focused and easy to follow.

There's specific homework for you to complete at the end of each module designed to get you to take action, some of which involves emailing me with your results.

I check and reply to every email.
"Olly's Language Learning Foundations strikes the perfect balance between optimism and realism about learning a new language. With concrete examples of exactly what to do, I know that I can learn a new language to a high-level, and exactly how to get there."

- Adam Dawkins, United Kingdom
"Olly is enthusiastic, encouraging and very practical. His practical advice was definitely key, but it's his ability to motivate even serious procrastinators like myself that makes the process a whole lot easier & a lot more fun!" 

- Deirdre Mackintosh, Canada
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You'll get instant access to the video training and bonuses!
10-Part Video Course
The Language Learning Foundations video course comes in 10 parts and contains over 2.5 hours of training (total). Watch online, download the videos to any device, or refer back to the slides in PDF format.
E-Book Version
The entire course, transcribed word-for-word into this special E-Book. Put the E-Book onto any device, take it with you, and quickly and effortlessly review any part of the course wherever you are.
MP3 Audio Version
An audio-only version of the course in digital MP3 format. Playable on any device, you can enjoy the course away from the computer any time, whether in the gym, on the train or at lunch!
Bonus Package of 
Expert Masterclasses!
Four masterclasses with the world's leading polyglots and language experts, so you can upgrade your learning and reach your language goals quicker with world-class techniques!
I'm a firm believer in always learning and improving.

So I wanted to talk to other highly-successful polyglots and language teachers to discover how they set about learning languages too:

1. Alex Rawlings
2. Richard Simcott
3. Kerstin Hammes
4. Chris Parker

Now, many language learning videos online are quite generic and don't get into much depth. These masterclasses are different.

With almost 3 hours of expert instruction, I press each polyglot on the specific questions that are addressed on this Language Learning Foundations course.

-  How they start studying a new language as a beginner
-  What their learning strategies looks like
-  What they expect to cover in the first 3-6 months
-  Which specific activities help them the most
-  How they find the time
-  How they maintain progress and stay motivated

...and much, much more!

I've included these masterclasses for you to learn from other successful language learners and get a deeper understanding of what we talk about on the course.

As you'll see, although we all have different approaches to learning a new language at the start, there are a striking number of similarities.

I learnt a lot from this myself, and I was struck by some of the things they reveal and the common ground between the different approaches.

Aside from the invaluable insights that they share, bear in mind that the cost of hiring any one of these experts for 30 minutes would be more than the entire Language Learning Foundations course put together!

1. Alex Rawlings 

Time: 30:37

Alex Rawlings was named Britain's most multilingual student in 2012 and speaks 12 languages. For a 22-year-old to speak so many languages, he must be doing something right. In this fascinating interview, Alex talks about how he is currently learning Hungarian, how he is building his vocabulary and how he structures his study over the weeks and months. He is also a realist, and we discuss the need for patience and how studying for more than one hour a day may actually be damaging.

2. Richard Simcott

Time: 49:28

Richard has lost count of the number of languages he has learnt...but the number is somewhere between 30-40! In this interview I ask him about his current experiences of learning Albanian. He walks us through what his study week looks like, his most effective activities, and how he copes with a busy family life and not being able to schedule regular time for study. We also talk about progress and he reveals an extremely important insight about goals and what to aim for in your language.

3. Kerstin Hammes

Time: 40:37

Kerstin is a professional French and German tutor based in the UK. Her experience of coaching hundreds of students puts her in an ideal position to answer my questions about how to learn a new language in the early stages, the kinds of struggles to expect, and crucially, how to overcome them. Kerstin has a real creative flare and has lots of ideas for those language learners who struggle to focus!

4. Chris Parker

Time: 50:46

Chris Parker is well-known for his phenomenal level of Mandarin Chinese. I invited him to record an interview for the course so that we could look more in depth at some of the issues specifically facing those learning Chinese, such as Chinese characters and tones. Chris really knows his stuff and offers some really game-changing advice here - you won't want to miss this one!
Let's Get Started!
The biggest value that I want to deliver to you with this course is time.

I've seen people spend years trying to learn a new language...and get no-where.

I don't want that to happen to you.

The fact is that learning from people who have already done what you want to do is the smartest thing you can possibly do to learn a new skill quickly.

And that's why I've condensed all my 14 years' experience of learning seven foreign languages into this course - so you can learn from my mistakes, avoid all the frustration and overwhelm that I went through, and make your new language a real part of your life...not just a frustrating hobby.

This training will save you $1,000s in materials you don't use and expensive language classes that don't help you reach your goals... simply because you will learn your target language so much quicker as a result of the course.
  • Language Learning Foundations (Value: $97)
  • Bonus Pack Of Masterclasses (Value: $154)
  • Total Value: $251
Price Today: Only $77
Offer Expires In:

"The course is exactly what I was looking for because I’ve done a lot of research on the web at learning languages and even though there’s heaps of really good stuff no one, other than yourself, actually gives a practical suggested strategy of going about learning. It's actually a bit overwhelming all the info and resources out there but you’ve a good job of pulling it together into an approach that I like."

- Allan Havelock

"I recommend this course to help you learn any language effectively. And help you plan what you should do in a week. You can speak fluently in months, not years if you stick to this plan."

- Wijai Tom

"I learned so much from your course! What to look for in a textbook, how to manage speaking sessions, use of "downtime", immersion ideas - in particular how to find Spanish podcasts of interest to me, scheduling a week at a time, what to do daily."

- Pamela Stevenson

"Besides giving me a very strong motivation to keep learning mandarin, it opened my eyes to the importance of having an intelligent method of aproach to the language, instead of just occupying the time in the belief that that will do."

- Paulo Ferreira

"There have been so many mornings that I found myself confused as to how to proceed with my study, but your suggestions always put me right on track. I try to apply all of the techniques that you recommend, and I’ve noticed significant gains in my language acquisition."

- Orren Tanabe, Japan

100% iron-clad guarantee
If you're not completely satisfied with this training, I'll refund your money right away.

No hassle. No questions asked.
Language Learning Foundations is for you if you are looking for clear guidance, and a step-by-step system that you can have confidence in.

I've taken my experience of learning 7 foreign languages and boiled it down into the specific techniques I use to make progress quickly.

If you're already a fluent speaker of your target language, and have confidence in your approach to language learning, then this course isn't for you.

However, if you want to get rid of the doubt and confusion about what you should be doing every day, finally make real progress with your new language... you know what to do!

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Wait... There's More!
Buy today, and you'll also get...
Special 1-Hour Masterclass:
"How To Work With Your Teacher"
I've saved the best till last!

Recently, my Arabic teacher, Mona, said to me: "You've progressed so much faster than all my other students... it's blown me away!"

I was pleased to hear that, but I wanted to find out WHY.

I wanted to find out, from Mona's perspective, exactly what I do differently to her other students.

So I recorded this exclusive 60 minute interview with my teacher, where you'll hear from her the specific things I do in my lessons to make them so effective.

Are your lessons with your teacher as good as you would like?

If not, this is one of the most important interviews will ever watch.

You'll learn:

 -  How to take control of your lessons, and make sure you're always improving
 -  How to use the 80/20 rule to develop laser focus on right things to learn right now
 -  How to use the time with your teacher to quickly start speaking fluently in your target language

This one video may change the way you study languages forever!
And More!
As part of your Language Learning Foundations bonus package, you'll also receive two special gifts.

These two books expand upon the material in the course and give you further insight into how you can start speaking with native speakers and quickly memorise new vocabulary.

The Conversation Kickstarter

My step-by-step guide to finding native speakers to practise your new language with. Learn to find people to speak with wherever you live, and exactly how to hold your first conversations, even as a beginner.

Value: $10

Little Black Book

Never before seen, and not available for sale. This is my secret collection of words and phrases that I learn right at the beginning when I start learning a new language. By focusing on this vocabulary above all else, I'm able to start speaking and communicating much faster than otherwise.

Value: Priceless
Package Summary
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You'll get:

-  Language Learning Foundations course (Value: $97)
-  4 Expert Masterclasses (Value: $97)
-  Masterclass: How to work with your teacher (Value: $47)
-  The Conversation Kickstarter (Value: $10)
Little Black Book (Value: priceless)

Total value $251
Special Offer For MosaLingua Users!
The "MosaLingua Special" - $174 Discount!
Price Today: Only $77
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I think it's too expensive
This course represents over 14 years of knowledge from learning multiple languages to fluency. When you consider that you will likely spend $100s on unhelpful language materials, and $1,000s on lessons with a teacher… but still not get the results you want… a small investment in Language Learning Foundations is a no-brainer.

However, most important of all is the time this course will save you. It would take you years to figure this stuff out by yourself… but most people never do. This is time you cannot get back. Start making languages part of your life and become the person you know you can become.
I'm studying a less-common language. Will this course work for me?
Absolutely! You may have noticed that I avoided any mention of specific languages here, and that’s because the techniques that I cover on the course are intended to address the fundamental “competencies” of learning any language – building your vocabulary, starting speaking, finding the time to study, staying motivated. Whichever language you are learning, it these things which are holding you back, and I know this from my personal experience of learning 8 languages. To illustrate this, the last 3 languages I’ve learnt are Japanese, Cantonese and Arabic, which are considered to be amongst the hardest in the world…but the approach I’ve used has been the same, because it works.
Is this a one-off or monthly payment?
It’s a single, one-off payment. There’s nothing else to pay after this.
I don't need any more "theory"!
No-one needs more theory when they’re learning a new language, they need to take action and study! This course is not theory – quite the opposite! Each module covers carefully-chosen, specific techniques that you should start using straight away. There are even more specific action points and homework at the end of each module, so you will start to see the difference right away.
I don't have time to take a course right now
Lack of time is the most common complaint from language learners. The reality is that if you want to learn a new language quickly, you must become a master of your time. You don’t need lots of time to make real progress in a language – 15-30 minutes a day is enough – but you do need to make sure that you’re spending your time doing things that work, or you’re simply wasting your time. I know how busy you are, and that’s why I’ve designed this course to be very concise and straight to the point. Most modules on the course are 15-20 minutes in length and get straight to the point. However busy you are, you can not only consume this course very easily, but you will actually start to save yourself huge amounts of time in your language learning each day. It’s a no-brainer if you’re serious about studying more efficiently, saving yourself time, and becoming fluent in your target language quickly.
Can I access this course on any device?
Yes, on Mac, PC, tablet, even smartphone! In fact, you can access it with any device that has an internet connection.
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