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Do You Want To Break Through The Intermediate Japanese Plateau? 
StoryLearning Will Help You!
If you are short on time, you can get access to the full Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate) course here:
This is a completely new method of 
learning & mastering Japanese... 
This screenshot shows a successfully registered trademark number: UK00003472799. 

It was filed with the trademark office to protect the invention of a powerful new method to learn Japanese. It’s called StoryLearning®.

This new language learning method was invented by Olly Richards. He’s a language expert and author of 20+ language books.

You won’t find this anywhere else. That’s because Olly actually invented this brand-new language learning method.

StoryLearning is a powerful method to learn Japanese as a beginner. But it's even more powerful for intermediate learners.

That's because StoryLearning is an entirely natural language learning method that helps you learn Japanese the same way a native speaker does: With stories, not rules. 

StoryLearning is a proven new method for smashing through the "intermediate plateau" and mastering Japanese. 

And it will shock most people… But it’s based on science. It’s also endorsed by well known language learning experts around the world, who you can see below.

Pay close attention…
What Is StoryLearning?

From: Olly Richards
London, United Kingdom

From: Olly Richards
London, United Kingdom
Story Learning was built to help language learners tackle the old “Parrot Problem” of language learning. You may remember it from school.

With the Parrot Problem, you use word lists and grammar rules. It’s the “repeat after me, like a parrot” style of teaching.

But you never truly learn the language this way. You’re just repeating it and putting it in your short term memory.
You can't remember Japanese through other courses because they use the old Parrot Problem of learning.
Today, most existing Japanese language courses and apps have the Parrot Problem. 

Sure, they can teach you basic phrases. But when you reach an intermediate level of Japanese, you hit a brick wall and get stuck! 

(That's why you're here on this page!)

StoryLearning is a new - and very different - method of learning Japanese. 

Best of all, the more advanced you get in Japanese, the more it helps you. That's because StoryLearning teaches you to think like a native.

And thinking like a Japanese speaker is the secret to mastering Japanese and becoming fluent! 
What Is StoryLearning?
As an experienced language teacher and speaker of eight languages, StoryLearning is a process I invented to teach you Japanese naturally. It’s so natural, in fact, that it’s based on how you learnt to naturally speak as a child.

Stories are the most basic form of human communication. We've been communicating through stories for thousands of years – since we were cavemen.

That’s why my StoryLearning Method uses the power of story to teach you Japanese to fluency! The language truly gets implanted in your mind.

You remember words more easily because you're so engrossed in the story. And the language makes sense to your brain naturally - on a deep level.

You end up learning Japanese almost passively. It’s the same way that a native Japanese speaker learns. That is the exciting result of learning through Story Learning.
Proof That Language Learning Experts Love StoryLearning!

"Uncovered was the perfect course for me. It as an amazing introduction to the language and I learned a tonne. Thanks so much Olly!"

XiomaNYC, YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers

"Olly’s top-notch language-learning insights are right in line with the best of what we know from neuroscience and cognitive psychology about how to learn effectively. I love his work—and you will too!"

Dr. Barbara Oakley, Author Of NYT Best-seller: A Mind For Numbers 

"When we wanted to create an online course on how to learn a language we asked Olly to write it with us. His experience as a language learner has been invaluable."

Dr. Tita Beaven, The Open University and lead academic on the BBC World series, The Superlinguists

"Olly’s advice on language learning is the real deal, and I recommend you pay attention to what he has to say!"

Benny Lewis, Fluent in 3 Months

"Learning a language is challenging, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your brain and your learning skill set… Olly Richards is doing some seriously incredible work to empower more and more people to rise to the challenge."

Jonathan Levi, Author & Learning Expert

“Olly bridges the gap between theory and practice by helping you to use scientific principles to get real results with your language learning.” 

Anthony Metivier, Magnetic Memory Method
StoryLearning Works So Well, Even The Media Are Talking About It

TV & radio have featured Olly Richards' 'StoryLearning' method that can help you learn Japanese fast

My StoryLearning method has come from many years of expertise in the language learning field.

Not long ago, I appeared in a 5-part BBC documentary called ‘The Superlinguists’. It is all about how people learn languages. 

The BBC interviewed me in order to understand StoryLearning and how I’ve used it to learn eight languages. 

I explained that although I love learning languages myself, I get the most happiness from helping others achieve their dreams of learning languages.
  • The Open University asked me to partner with them to create a major course on learning languages
  • The European Commission invited me to speak on their single most important event in the calendar year
  • The British Council hired me to teach languages and train their teachers
1,000s of my students use StoryLearning to successfully learn languages. So can you.
Not Convinced? Here’s a Boatload of Student Results
This is the best value for money I've received on any purchase ever.
- Janna Hossain
I learned more in 2 weeks with Uncovered than in 4 months of previous study.
- Coleman
The StoryLearning method makes me feel way more connected to the language!
- Nils
Japanese Uncovered has helped me connect with my family. I'm delighted to find a method that works! - Gabi
When you learn Japanese through StoryLearning, you’ll be able to learn tricky Japanese grammar naturally, just like native speakers do. That's the magic of stories! 
 The Problem:
Most existing Japanese language courses and apps don’t work! That’s because they have the Parrot Problem working against them - ‘repeat after me’. That is not learning, it is more short term memorisation. That’s why you forget it so easily.

Meanwhile, most Japanese textbooks teach you grammar with rules and endless boring exercises. That isn't real learning either! Because guess what? Native speakers don't think in rules! So why should you?

But, if you're an intermediate Japanese speaker, you already know this! You've spent months (maybe even years) learning grammar rules. But it never gets any easier, does it?

Ever wondered why?

Traditional language learning can be convenient for a beginner, when you need things "dumbed down" to get started. But if you want to break through the intermediate level, and become truly fluent in Japanese... you need to do things differently! 
 The Solution:
As an intermediate Japanese learner, StoryLearning gives you exactly what you need:

Stop learning Japanese with rules. Instead, immerse yourself in a magical world of stories! 

This is how Japanese speakers learn, as children. (It's how you learned your first language too.)

When you see Japanese grammar inside a story, you'll start to internalise the grammar faster than you ever imagined. It's 100% natural learning, tailor made for the needs of an intermediate-level student. 

There are no ‘algorithms’ or ‘mass-produced software’. Just real learning, based on stories.

I’ve used this method to learn eight languages. I'm the living proof that it works.

But more importantly, so are my thousands of students who I’ve helped to learn a new language. I’ll use this exact same method to help you learn Japanese too.

Please note: StoryLearning is very different to how you learned at school. If you’re a person who doesn’t like new things, StoryLearning might be a shock to you.

But if you truly want to master Japanese, and use Japanese freely in your life, then you can try StoryLearning today, completely free..

Why Try To Master Japanese? 
When you started to learn Japanese, you had dreams of speaking fluently. You probably imagined fearlessly chatting away with native speakers on the streets of Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka.

But at some point, "study" took over, things got tough, and your passion dropped. And that's ok - it happens to us all. 

Here's what's important: Don't let yourself get stuck in an intermediate slump for too long! Losing motivation for too long is damaging. Many people give up. 

All you need to break through intermediate Japanese, and finally become fluent, is a new toolkit. 

As soon as you rediscover your momentum and progress, the sooner you will be rewarded with a more fulfilling life.

Being able to speak Japanese fluently brings so much pleasure to your life. Why wait even a moment longer to start making the most out of life?

More Student Results!

"These courses are worth every penny!"

"The Uncovered course is exceeding all my expectations. You make the grammar section so clear and easy to assimilate. It's pleasureable and quite exhilarating. I understand what I'm hearing much more easily! These courses are worth every penny".

- David

"Your Uncovered Courses Are Ridiculously Good!"

"Not to diminish other language teachers but it seems like no one offers a lot of the resources that you offer. Your Uncovered courses are ridiculously good!".

- Zak

"I Was Ahead Of My Peers"

"The idea of learning through stories is what interested me the most. Even from the first lessons, I felt like I got a lot of value from the pronunciation tips and the cognates review. When I started my B1 courses I had a solid foundation and I was ahead of my peers !"

- Eloy 

"The best language learning method ever!"

"This the best language learning method I've ever encountered. I've learned more in the last four weeks with this course than in 4 months learning on my own."

- Pam
This Result *IS* Very Typical
Here’s a common experience my students get from my StoryLearning method. 

Kelly came to me after trying to learn Spanish lots of times before. She was a typical case of 'stop and start' many times over the years. She never really got anywhere with her Spanish. 

After just a few lessons with my StoryLearning method, she wrote to me. She said she was amazed at how suddenly she was able to understand Spanish grammar that had mystified her for years.
You see, Kelly always had real trouble with Spanish grammar in particular because of the traditional Parrot Methods she found on other courses. 

But with my method, it’s different:

I don’t just give you a bunch of rules and then ask you to memorise them.

Instead, I give you a simple story in Japanese to read. You read the story, and then listen to the audio. You immerse yourself in the sounds of Japanese!

Then, you watch an in-depth lesson with me, where I teach you all about the Japanese in the story. In particular, the grammar that appears in the story. 
It’s unlike any grammar lesson you’ve had before! 

Instead of grammar rules, I show you the grammar 'in action' inside the story. That’s what makes it so easy and natural to learn! 

In fact, I almost don’t have to teach you at all… you just begin to understand the grammar intuitively! 

Because I’ve learned eight languages, I can use this experience to help you learn faster. And that’s the magic of this programme - a combination of StoryLearning plus my teaching! 

That’s what Kelly found from StoryLearning, and this is also a typical result! Things that have confused you for years suddenly become clear! 
How Does StoryLearning Work?
It’s difficult to explain how well StoryLearning works. However, here’s a rough idea of how StoryLearning teaches you Japanese so well...

Imagine you’re trying to solve a mystery. Here’s the mystery:

You’re on vacation in Japan. One day, you get hungry. You have a choice of three snacks: tempura, yakitori and okonomiyaki. Two of the snacks are fine. The other contains poison. But you don’t know which! How will you choose which snack to eat?

How would you solve this mystery?

Now, I don’t know how you tried to solve this mystery in your mind. But actually, that wasn’t the point!

You see, when you read about this mystery, you automatically learned something.

You learned the names of three Japanese foods:

• Tempura
• Yakitori
• Okonomiyaki

You weren’t trying to learn anything. The learning just happened naturally as you thought about the mystery.

And because you don’t want to get poisoned, you probably thought carefully about it!

This is how StoryLearning is designed too. You learn Japanese naturally as you read and listen to the story!

I’ve become fluent in eight languages using StoryLearning. It is a completely new way of learning languages. Thousands of people across the world have used it successfully to learn Japanese.

The Secret 'Double Activation' Trick Behind StoryLearning

The Japanese story I’ve created for this course is written to be the perfect balance for intermediate level. 

You'll be able to enjoy the story. But you'll also be exposed to all the important grammar you need to master at this level... within the story! 

Your eyes and ears will be immersed in Japanese, by reading and listening to the story at the same time. 

With the immersive video lessons in the course, you will learn about the nuances of the grammar from the story. This helps to push your understanding to the next level. 

Finally, you'll activate what you learn within interactive exercises. This is the "bridge" that helps you actually use what you learn in speaking. 

It’s Almost Like Learning Japanese in Reverse!

You cover the Japanese story first (that is the reverse of how Japanese is usually taught). This lays the groundwork for the lessons.

During the lessons you go over the story. That’s when you break down how the language works in that same story.

This is why this time, the grammar will finally stick...

The learning isn't "rules-first". It's "story-first"! 

The idea is that you are fully immersed in Japanese. This helps you learn Japanese naturally.
Introducing the World’s First StoryLearning Japanese Home Study Course for Intermediate Learners:
 Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate)

Japanese Uncovered is an exciting new course to learn Japanese with Olly Richards' 'StoryLearning' method

The programme I built for you to master Japanese is called Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate). It is the first course of its kind because it uses the StoryLearning method to teach you Japanese naturally. 

Japanese Uncovered is totally different to other Japanese Language courses. 

That’s because you work deep inside the story. Forget fake robot voice or faceless apps. This is real, immersive learning... the kind you need to finally break through the intermediate level and become advanced in Japanese!
The Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate) Course Works Through StoryLearning®
You start off with full immersion in a single Japanese story. I wrote the story myself, specifically for this Japanese Uncovered course.

It’s called 三種の神器 (San Shu No Jingi), which means ‘Three Sacred Treasures’. 

It’s not like other boring Japanese lessons. This is an exciting story that will bring you back every day, because you want to find out what happens next.

Part 1 of this story is 10 chapters. 

The Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate) course is built around the story, so it has 10 modules too. That’s one module for each chapter in the story.

At the end of the chapter, you also get exciting video lessons that uncover the language from the story, recorded by our Japanese teacher, Nick. 

Japanese Uncovered is simple and intuitive to use on any device.

StoryLearning makes the Japanese you learn stronger in your mind... and much easier to remember!
In these videos lessons, we teach you in a way that helps you understand Japanese much faster than usual...

We’ll go through the story with you, and teach you Japanese using the story you’ve just read. 

Then, we’ll help you uncover Japanese grammar from the pages of the story and show you how they work together. (That's what makes it stick!)

That is the pattern for each module and then that is repeated for 10 modules throughout the entire course.
You'll be able to live your life entirely in Japanese!
Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate) is designed for those who have completed a N4 (upper beginner/pre-intermediate) level Japanese course. This course will cover the N3 level and help you get to an upper intermediate level of Japanese (N2).

Take a look inside the course and experience it yourself...
Virtual Classroom Preview
The teaching in the course happens in a virtual classroom, that makes you feel like you’re literally sitting in a classroom with our expert Japanese teacher, Nick. Go ahead and click the images below for a video preview...
1. Learn Vocabulary:
(Video quality may be lower than usual if buffering)
2. Learn Grammar:
3. Activate Your Knowledge in Our "Communication" lessons:
Kanji in Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate)
Every Japanese course takes a different approach to teaching kanji (Japanese characters).

So, how do we deal with kanji in Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate)?

In a nutshell...

The aim of Japanese Uncovered is to help you master intermediate-level Japanese, so you understand natural Japanese and speak with confidence.

To do this, we focus on building your vocabulary and grammar... through the magic of the story! 

(Our benchmark is the N3 level of the JLPT system.)

In Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate), we do not teach you kanji.

Instead, we focus on kanji in a separate extension course. (Coming soon)

The reason is simple...

Learning kanji is a big task! There's a LOT of kanji to learn at intermediate level. Trying to study everything at the same time is not a smart learning strategy. 

It's too easy to get bogged down. 

So, instead, we teach kanji separately, in our extension course. With this approach, you're not trying to figure out what a new word means AND remember it's kanji at the same time. 

You simply take words you've already learned... and add the kanji on top!

So much easier!

Think of it as a two-step process:

• Step 1: Improve your overall Japanese level, with this course
• Step 2: When you're ready, focus on kanji in our extension course

This way, you'll learn faster, and enjoy the whole process more
This Week Only: 2 Special "Founding Member" Bonuses
To help you on your journey to master Japanese, I'm going to do something really special... I'm going to give you 2 free bonus gifts when you enrol in Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate), today!

But yes, there is a catch...

These gifts are free this week only. So if you come back to this page at a later date, the gifts will be gone and you will have lost them forever...
Here are the two free gifts you get today, 100% free: 

BONUS #1: 10-Week “Community & Coaching” LIVE Cohort (Value: $997)

Enrol during launch week, and you'll get access to my special 10-Week "Community & Coaching" LIVE cohort so you learn alongside a group of like-minded StoryLearners. This cohort includes live group coaching sessions with your course tutors and access to our private student community for motivation and encouragement

BONUS #2: Buy Uncovered (Intermediate), Get a 2nd Uncovered Course FREE! (Value: $297)

That’s right, enrol this week and for the price of one language, you’ll get lifetime access to a 2nd language of your choice, absolutely FREE! (You can choose any other Uncovered course - beginner or intermediate). To claim this bonus, simply complete the purchase of your main language and after check-out, you'll be prompted to choose the 2nd language you'd like.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Here’s how much I believe in the StoryLearning method and the Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate) Home Study Course...

You get to try Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate) today - completely risk free.

This Is Guaranteed

If you buy today you get a full 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee.

So if you're not happy with the course for any reason, you have a full 30 days to come back to me and get a refund. No questions asked. And no risk for you at all.

You can buy Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate) with confidence, knowing that a caring support team is ready to help you with any questions... however small! 

Meet Your Course Tutors!
In Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate), you'll learn from language experts with over 30 years of teaching experience between them. Both tutors share a passion for teaching languages through story, which is what brought them together to create Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate)! 

Olly Richards, Coaching

Olly Richards is a language educator, author and polyglot from the UK, who speaks 8 languages. Through his popular blog StoryLearning, Olly reaches 100,000s of language learners every month. 

He has published a best-selling series of books in sixteen languages, consulted for major institutions across Europe, and is a regular speaker at international language events.

Nick Godwin, Course Tutor

Nick Godwin is an online language educator and course developer from the UK, currently living in Tokyo, Japan. 

With a high degree of fluency in Japanese, along with a good understanding of a further three languages, Nick works with learners of all levels, helping them to overcome struggles & break through plateaus on their way to language fluency.

Nick has previously worked with StoryLearning on our Japanese Uncovered (Beginner) course and on numerous 30-Day Japanese Challenges.
Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate):
Here’s everything you will get today when you enrol in Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate):
  •  Access to the entire Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate) course
  • ​The complete Japanese StoryLearning experience that is not available anywhere else
  • ​100% peace of mind - we guarantee the most in depth Japanese learning experience
  • Expertly created information that you can trust - we don't sell cheap apps like you see elsewhere on the internet
  • ​100% free lifetime updates
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  • ​A full 30 day guarantee - a true zero risk offer, so if you're not happy with the results, you can get your money back
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StoryLearning with
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The P.S.!
In case you're like me and skip to the bottom of long pages, here's the deal...

StoryLearning is a natural way to master Japanese quickly and naturally without forgetting it over time. 

It's the perfect way to break through intermediate Japanese and become fluent in the language. 

Try Japanese Uncovered (Intermediate) and you will be amazed at how quickly StoryLearning helps you rediscover your progress and master Japanese.

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