Tired of translating in your head when you speak Spanish?
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Grammar Hero Helps You Internalise Spanish Grammar, Speak with Authenticity & Communicate with Freedom!
Dear Friend,
If you ever have the feeling you're translating in your head when you speak Spanish… 

Chances are your grammar struggles don't end there:
• Anxiety when speaking to people in Spanish, nervous at the thought of making grammar mistakes or coming across as unintelligent

Hesitating mid-sentence, as you try to analyse what you're saying... as you're saying it... and wondering whether you've got the grammar right or not

Fed up with having to simplify what you want to say, because you can't quite find the grammar you need to speak with accuracy and express yourself like a Spanish person would
It can be tortuous to speak with someone in Spanish, only to find that all the Grammar you've been learning evaporates when you need it most, leaving you feeling foolish in front of the very people you want to connect with. 

If you had these symptoms speaking your native language, you may well be diagnosed with some kind of anxiety disorder.

And yet, when learning a foreign language, you're just supposed to put up with it?

Just keep coming back to class?

One day, after all, the grammar will all make sense, right?

Except it doesn't, does it...
Why Spanish Grammar 
Frustrates You...
Spanish grammar never quite gets any easier.

However much you learn the rules in your textbook, those rules never seem to work out so well in the real world, and everything escapes you in the heat of trying to get your message across.

Whether it's...

• Choosing the correct form of the verb in fast speech...

• Knowing which situations require what grammar, and when... 

• Mixing up similar tenses...

What ends up coming out of your mouth is nothing more than a half-baked translation from English.

A frustrating compromise on what you really wanted to say...

Leaving you feeling more like a bright teenager than the intelligent adult you are. 

It's a bit like walking out onto the stage on opening-night at the theatre, forgetting your lines, and having to make up the entire play on the spot!

Talk about pressure! 

They're Teaching You The Wrong Way!
Now, if you did forget all your lines on opening night at the theatre, you'd have to say that the problem is squarely with the method you used to learn your lines in the first place! 

And yet, no-one seems to ask if the world's grammar problems might be due to the way grammar is being taught. 

Because it's not just you who struggles with grammar...

In fact, 8 out of 10 language students can do no more than understand basic phrases!
 (The Guardian - Education, 7th Nov 2014)

And still...

We just carry on with traditional teaching and learning methods...

Memorising rules...

Staring at verb tables...

Just hoping that one day, the fog will lift, and all that grammar study will transform into effortless, accurate speech...

Well, it's time for a reality check!
On this page I'm going to tackle it head-on...

The brutal truth about grammar. 

After reading this page you will know why you "forget your lines". 

You'll know who is to blame.

And you'll discover why doing the EXACT OPPOSITE from what you think, is the key to internalising Spanish grammar, freeing yourself from whatever slump you're in, and learning to speak Spanish with authenticity, confidence and, yes, intelligence.

Not what works in the classroom

What works in the real world.  

In short, this page will reveal how to become a Grammar Hero

Because when it comes to learning grammar... it's us against the world.

And Heroes are exactly what we need! 

(Oh, and you won't need your textbook any more. Things are about to get a lot more fun!)
I Was Fed Up Relying On English...

My name is Olly Richards, and perhaps the most interesting fact about me is that I speak eight languages

I've published books with famous publishers Teach Yourself, created courses with the Open University, been featured in international press, and I reach hundreds of thousands of language learners monthly online through my website.
But the odd thing is, I've never been a particularly good student of languages.

Traditional methods of learning languages, through formal study of grammar in particular, have never worked for me.

I've had to learn languages my way

And it turns out that when it comes to problems like grammar, avoiding the traditional classroom is quite a smart move!

When I learned my first foreign language, French, my first experiences speaking with people were infuriating. 

There was a "disconnect" between study and real life

It didn't seem to matter how much I studied grammar by myself at home...

• Conjugations would slip my mind
• Similar tenses would confuse me, and
• The grammar in my textbook didn't seem to match what people actually used

I would always fall back on English grammar and English thought patterns to rescue what I wanted to say. 

My French was slow, I hesitated a lot, and I sounded like a book! 

No wonder people would often switch to English... 

It saved us both the embarrassment! 

I don't miss those days...

But I'm glad they happened. 

Because as a result of that frustration, I discovered another way to learn grammar that would completely transform the way I learned languages. 
Olly teaching language learning techniques at the Polyglot Conference 2018
I Was Trapped In My Own Head
Now, I'd be lying if I said I figured out the secret to mastering grammar in a foreign language right away.

In reality, it took years!

But the reason I was stuck, translating from English in my head, was that the method I used to learn grammar was based on rules. 

So I would study the rules, but when I couldn't apply the rules quickly enough in conversation...

That's when things broke down!

I had no choice but to translate from English to "fill in the gaps". 

While I was able to learn some grammar rules, the sheer volume of grammar rules meant that I quickly got overwhelmed when it came to using those rules in conversation. 

Something didn't feel right. 

After all, native speakers don't learn their mother tongue through memorising grammar rules. 

Nor do immigrants, who move to another country and quickly become fluent in the language.

Both speak the language to a high level, but probably couldn't explain the rules to you if they tried! 

Something clearly had to change if I was ever going to reach the relaxed, flowing state of natural grammar, that I so desperately wanted and envied in others. 

I realised I needed a more natural path to mastering grammar that didn't rely on traditional study. 

But I didn't know what that was. 

Olly teaching in the Czech Republic in 2017
How I Discovered 
"Natural Grammar"
I knew that falling back on grammar textbooks and memorising rules, was never going to work for me.

I needed to take inspiration from the only method reliably used by those who speak with authentic, natural grammar in a foreign language...


So I set off on a long path of discovering how to get myself the immersion I needed in another language, while I was still a relative beginner.

As you've probably discovered yourself, reading books and watching TV in a foreign language is far too hard. 

Not only is it a struggle to understand...

But you soon end up with more time with your head in the dictionary than actually enjoying the content!

And you certainly can't improve your grammar just through speaking, when everything's happening so fast! 

I Quickly Realised That The BIG Thing Preventing Me From Getting Quality Immersion In My Languages... Was The Level Of The Material.

I began looking for simpler material, which I found in the form of stories...

Stories that had been written for learners. 
The Power Of Learning Grammar 
Through Story
The simple stories I found gave me a kind of "Controlled Immersion" - the ability to finally read at my level.

I found that listening to the audio of these stories (at the same time as I read) helped me retain even more than I could by reading alone. 

Importantly, I also discovered that I didn't need to learn every single grammar rule in the language. 

I realised that the so-called "rules of grammar" are nothing more than "explanations"...

But You Don't Need Explanations Of Every Single Grammar Rule To Understand And Enjoy The Stories That You Read!

My huge epiphany was that...

When You Can Enjoy Reading And Listening Through "Controlled Immersion" In Another Language, You Can Very Quickly Learn And Internalise How Grammar Works.

Even the most complicated grammar! 

It doesn't happen overnight.

But once you start to see "grammar in action", the same way a native speaker would, you develop an instinctive feel for which situations require what grammar, and even which verb conjugations "sound right".

Before long, you can quickly and accurately pick the correct verb tense, conjugation or preposition when you're speaking, without having to dive into your "internal hard drive" to retrieve the information first.

And without having to rely on English thought patterns to express yourself. 

Learning grammar in the context of my stories transformed my confidence in speaking.
Enjoying speaking Italian in Venice over coffee
Learning A Language With "Controlled Immersion"
To test the true limits of this approach, I decided to learn Italian using nothing but pure "Controlled Immersion", with no grammar study whatsoever!

After studying by myself for one month, I started to speak Italian with people. 

At first, I found myself translating in my head.

I was using Spanish grammar, even Spanish words...

It was a bit embarrassing.
Frustrated at translating in my head when speaking Italian
It was that familiar feeling of translating in my head.

I felt frustrated at my lack of expression, and I was acutely aware of all my grammar mistakes.

For a moment, I doubted whether this method was really going to be effective for learning Italian grammar well.

But I stayed focused.

I knew that in order to reach more advanced levels of Italian, I would need to internalise the grammar. 

And I knew I wouldn't get there through learning rules
I Started To Internalise Grammar
So, I stuck with this "Controlled Immersion" method.

Instead of studying the rules of grammar in a book, I paid close attention to how grammar was being used in context. 

I decided to focus on the 4 or 5 most important grammar points in Italian - the "core grammar" - and to learn that well, rather than try to learn every single grammar point in the language.

Each time a particular verb tense, preposition, or irregular verb appeared, I noticed it, and thought about why it was being used in that situation.

If I got confused by a particular grammar point - which did happen - I would quickly look up the basic rules in my book. 

I wouldn't try to memorise the rule.

Or even practise it. 

I just wanted to be aware of what I was missing. 

And then, every day like clockwork, I would come right back to my "Controlled Immersion", until, eventually, I'd seen that grammar point so often, it had started to become normal. 

Within the space of just a few weeks, a huge transformation started to take place. 

I stopped translating in my head, and as viewers pointed out on YouTube, I had begun to internalise Italian grammar.
YouTube comment on my 2-month Italian video
After another month, my conversations had become more fun...

The frustration I felt before had disappeared...

And I and was able to communicate like the "real me" in Italian for the first time... 

Most surprising of all, I did all this without:

  • Memorising any grammar rules
  • Taking any grammar tests
  • Doing endless practice exercises
...or anything else that you'd recognise from a traditional classroom!
Speaking Italian after two months of "Controlled Immersion"
Here's the key to my success with grammar:

I Resisted The Temptation To Fall Back On The Traditional Methods Of My Textbook, And Continued To Trust In The Process Of "Controlled Immersion" Until I Started Seeing The Results.

I spent my days listening and reading to Italian at my level, and flooding my brain with grammar in context, so I could internalise the rules naturally.

"Why doesn't everyone learn grammar this way?" I thought.

But then it hit me...
You've Been Conned!
The language learning industry has been built to satisfy students' thirst for more and more grammar!

You've been conditioned to learn grammar the traditional way...

Right from your very first language class at school, when your teacher told you to learn the rules, and then tested you on those rules.

"Rules First!" is the method you knew at school.

And so that's how you expect to learn as an adult. 

You expect grammar in your textbooks...

You expect grammar from your teachers...

After all... 

No-one ever suggested that there might be another way! 

"But that's all very well for you, Olly, learning without rules, but I don't have your experience. I'm still learning my first language, and rules are quite helpful!"

And to be fair, I wondered that too. 

So I set about teaching students through the exact same "Controlled Immersion" technique I'd been using myself. 

Here's what students said about learning grammar through "Controlled Immersion"...
Many of these students had tried and failed to learn languages in the past, because of... 

Can you guess?

Comment on one of my Italian YouTube videos
But using this new method of "Controlled Immersion", here were students, old and young, learning grammar naturally, through a world of stories that they could understand and enjoy, and they felt like...heroes!

Grammar Heroes! 

When you're a Grammar Hero, the world looks like a very different place - especially if you've been frustrated with grammar in the past. 

You see an immense boost in your confidence, and can practise speaking with a smile on your face... 

Without feeling nervous about making mistakes. 

With more natural, refined grammar, you'll notice people reacting to you differently, with an air of admiration that wasn't there before. 

If you use languages professionally, you may even see work opportunities open up, as you make a better impression every time you open your mouth or write an email. 

Above all, you'll feel an immense sense of achievement, when you begin to master the very grammar that has kept you trapped in a slump for months or even years. 

Everyone deserves to feel this sense of liberation...

And that's why I created...
Introducing...Grammar Hero!
Grammar Hero is a new online programme I've created to help you master Spanish grammar the natural way, so you can free yourself from the shackles of rules-based learning, speak with authenticity & communicate with freedom!

The programme is aimed at intermediate learners (B1 on the CEFR), and works by providing you the "Controlled Immersion" you need to internalise the core grammar of Spanish, so you can allow your personality to shine by speaking with accuracy, confidence, and natural flair. 

To create Grammar Hero, I took my combined years of language learning, where I tried everything from total immersion and foreign travel, to self-study and professional tuition...

And created a programme that takes the most powerful elements of each, so you can enjoy the benefits of my years of trial and error, from the comfort of your living room. 

The result is a programme that condenses potentially years of frustrating, traditional study into a "fast-track" experience that will transform your grammar in the next 90 days. 
How Grammar Hero Works
Here's how Grammar Hero works... 

First, you have the "Controlled Immersion" experience you need to flood your brain with Spanish and stop translating in your head. 

This comes in a series of 15 stories in Spanish that are carefully written for the level of low-intermediate to intermediate students, so you can understand and enjoy the material in Spanish without getting overwhelmed by difficult words or complex sentences. 

By comfortably reading Spanish at your level, you can focus on the grammar without distraction, and see your understanding of tricky grammar immediately increase, as you see the grammar used in natural context, through exciting stories that motivate you to read. 

But how does it work?

This is where the magic comes in...

Spanish has 6 "core" areas of grammar that usually cause nightmares for learners, but are necessary to master to speak Spanish naturally

  • The Past Tenses
  • ​Ser vs. Estar
  • ​Por vs. Para
  • ​Direct and indirect object pronouns
  • ​The Conditional Tense
  • ​The Subjunctive Mood
...and each story in Grammar Hero is written to focus on one of these "core" areas of grammar. 

The story is packed with examples of this "core" grammar in action, so you can see exactly how its used in real life, and in real communication - not just "random examples" in a textbook. 
The Spanish edition of Grammar Hero in action
What you're left with is a complete ecosystem - 20,000 words of thrilling content in Spanish, where you'll see rich, contextualised examples of all of the most important Spanish grammar in action.

Your task is simply to complete one story a week for the next 90 days (or whatever pace suits you), and you'll watch as your brain adapts to a new Spanish reality, where conjugations, prepositions and pronouns just start to "sound right", and you'll wonder why you never learned this way before.

But if you're thinking: "It can't be that simple!"... 

It's not! 

In fact, we're only just getting started...
Years of Immersion Condensed Into One Programme
The truth is that it took me years to learn how to work with "controlled immersion" to take the grammar I was learning from merely understanding, to actionable in the real world

Much of it was through self-study, but often I benefited from the help of a great teacher to speed up my learning. 

And that's why, built into Grammar Hero, is a comprehensive programme of "guided discovery" and expert tuition, which takes you from passive understanding to active knowledge, so you can use grammar accurately and confidently in conversation without hesitation. 

I call it "Hero Training". 

Let's have a closer look...

1. Guided Discovery
Subtle visual cues within the story guide you towards noticing when the grammar point is being used, so you can learn naturally which situations require what grammar, and develop your confidence using Spanish grammar the right way. 
2. Grammar Briefings
Get a quick, clear and concise overview of the main rules of each grammar point, so you know what you need to know and can get straight back to the stories without getting bogged down in heavy explanations. 
3. Expert Insights
An expert teacher can help you notice more than you could by yourself. But there’s no need to hire an expensive teacher by the hour to learn the true nuances of the grammar! 

After first reading the story by yourself, you then have a full annotated version of the story, with line-by-line insights and explanations by an expert teacher about why that grammar point is being used in that specific situation.

You don't just see the grammar in action, you uncover it from the perspective of a native speaker... right there in the story as it crops up...

From one story to the next, you’ll quickly remove any doubts or confusion about how to use each grammar point, and develop a true native-like understanding of how to use that grammar to express yourself naturally.
4. Bilingual Word Lists
Don’t let your enjoyment of the story and learning of the grammar be held up by difficult Spanish words. 

Get an instant definition of any unknown words in the word lists at the end of each story, so you can keep reading and enjoying the story without being slowed down by a dictionary. 

One big additional benefit of Grammar Hero is that you’ll learn a lot of new vocabulary too. Because that vocabulary is in the context of the story, it will stick for longer and you'll know how to use it appropriately.

5. Activation Exercises
Instead of practising the rules of the grammar, practise how to use that grammar, with fun exercises based on real communication. 

You'll speed up the transition from “knowing” to “using” Spanish grammar, by deliberately practising each grammar point from the story. 

Every exercise is directly linked to the examples you’ve just seen in the story, so you can speed up the "decision-making process" in your head and gradually remove the hesitation that plagues students from traditional learning backgrounds.
6. Professional Narrations
Each story in Grammar Hero is clearly and professionally narrated, so you can listen and read to the stories at the same. This activates different parts of your brain, and helps everything you learn stick more easily... and for longer!

With the audio readily available, you can make the most of your free time and learn more efficiently by listening when you can’t read - in the car, gym or walking to work. 
There's More...
8. Visual Immersion
Right from the word go, you'll notice the visual impact of the stories in Grammar Hero. 

You’ll create a more vivid world in your imagination, making the Spanish grammar more memorable and powerful. It makes reading more fun, so you can enjoy the process of learning Spanish … all while mastering Spanish grammar! 

9. Story Previews
Story summaries at the start give you a preview of what the story is about. 

You’ll find it easier to understand the story when you already have some context to work with (especially if you’re new to reading Spanish), which helps you maintain your focus on the grammar of the story, rather than guessing what's going on.  

There's also a progressive challenge built into Grammar Hero. 

While each story is focused on one particular grammar point, the stories are also grouped and presented in order of difficulty. 

This means you can choose your own path: 

• Move advanced students can choose to work on particular grammar points that interest them. 
• Lower level students can follow the given order of the stories, with grammar getting progressively harder.

When you work to your strengths and your interests, you learn more efficiently.
Who Wants To Sound Like A Book?
Now, at this stage, I need to make an important confession.  

Grammar Hero will not teach you to speak with perfect grammar, 100% of the time. 

If you're looking for a way to eliminate every mistake from your German, and speak with PhD-level grammar, all of the time...

I can't help you. 

But my guess is that, while you don't love making mistakes in German, you realise that the occasional grammar blooper is not that important ... and can even help break the ice in certain situations! 

In fact, you'd settle for natural and mostly accurate grammar any day of the week, if that's what gives you the confidence to overcome your nerves and start to communicate naturally and freely in German, and to show the locals that you speak German well enough to keep the conversation in German. 

Not only "settle"... you'd be delighted

After all, who wants to sound like a book when they speak?

Learn with Grammar Hero, and you might not be perfect by the end.

But you will be able to walk out on to the stage without fear of forgetting your lines. Because you know that even if you do, you have complete confidence in your ability to talk to, entertain, even dazzle the audience. 

How Grammar Hero Was Made...
Of course, I couldn't create a disruptive programme like Grammar Hero by myself. 

Frankly, even if I could, I wouldn't.

I create my best work by drawing on the expertise and passion of others, just like in my own language learning, when I rely on others to recommend interesting material or teach me the nuances of a difficult grammar point. 

So Grammar Hero began its life with ... you! 

I talked to my readers in-depth about their grammar struggles in different languages, to identify the big "problem areas" we needed to address.

In Spanish, those are:
  • The Past Tenses
  • ​Ser vs. Estar
  • ​Por vs. Para
  • ​Direct and indirect object pronouns
  • ​The Conditional Tense
  • ​The Subjunctive Mood
Sound familiar?
Rigorous Testing
After producing early material samples, my team and I tested the material rigorously in focus groups...

We learned about the ideal length and level for the stories, how teacher annotations should be presented, favourite types of practice exercise... 

And much more...
Team members Dave and James discussing the course area
Maria reviewing her Expert Insights in German
Creating the Grammar Hero Ecosystem
We then worked with expert colleagues around the language world to create our ecosystem of "Controlled Immersion", creating exciting stories to focus on the main grammar points in each language.

Then, we created Expert Insights to guide your discovery and understanding of the grammar in each story...

We recorded the audio narrations...

And even create stunning images to draw you deeper into the world that is about to become your new home for the coming weeks and months!
Sylvia, our Brazilian Portuguese expert
The result is an innovative, provocative programme that will change the way you learn grammar forever. 

Start Your Hero Training Today!
With everything that has gone into creating Grammar Hero, you have a programme that goes far beyond the mere teaching of grammar. 
  • The immersive audio experience will improve your listening skills, so you feel more at ease in conversations
  • ​The stories will strengthen your reading, so you can begin to enjoy the treasure trove of Spanish literature
  • ​The Expert Insights will grow your expertise in the language, so you can use Spanish more confidently in your everyday life
  • ​The vocabulary in context will grow your range of expression, so you can speak more articulately and intelligently on different topics 
  • ​...And the interactive exercises will improve your speaking, so you can become more confident and build stronger relationships with the people around you

Grammar Hero is like an entire ecosystem of "Controlled Immersion", any part of which would be extremely valuable by itself. 

And so, the real benefit of Grammar Hero is not the programme itself, or the fun you'll have with it. 

It's not the stories, the audio, the expert insights or guided discovery... 

The true benefit of Grammar Hero is the time it buys you.

Why continue to spend months or years on methods that have shown themselves not to work, when you have a new opportunity in front of you that is exciting, different, and road-tested in the real world. 

In fact, when preparing Grammar Hero, I considered breaking it up into parts, and offering the programme as separate short courses that focused on one individual grammar point each. 

But because I wanted Grammar Hero to deliver you a transformative experience where you can fully overcome the grammar you've been struggling with, I realised I needed to provide the full depth that "Controlled Immersion" has to offer, in one place.

The usual path to achieving similar results involves purchasing dozens of grammar textbooks, audio programmes, practice books, app subscriptions, not to mention the many hours of expensive lessons with a teacher.

Thousands of dollars are spent in the pursuit of learning grammar... in return for precious little. 

And so, for that reason, I created one complete programme of "Hero Training", with everything included, for one low price of only US $197. 

To enrol in Grammar Hero today and begin your Hero Training, simply click the button below:

One-time payment (US$)
  • 15 Stories for "Controlled Immersion" in Spanish, with guided discovery cues, so you can read at your level and learn natural Spanish grammar in context
  • Grammar briefings so you can enjoy reading the stories with complete clarity over the grammar
  • Expert Insights of why different grammar is used in the story, so you internalise which situations require what grammar, and make better grammar choices when you speak
  • Activation Exercises to help you speed up the transition from “knowing” to “using” Spanish grammar and speak with more accuracy
  • Bilingual Word Lists so you can instantly look up unknown words, continue reading, and focus on the grammar 
  • Story Summaries help you understand more of what you read, so you can make the most of the grammar training 
  • Fully Downloadable Material - so you can learn at any time, any place, with or without internet
  • Work on any device - so you can learn in the most convenient way for you
  • Lifetime access, free upgrades - so you can keep learning for as long as you want
Special Black Friday Offer!
Dear Reader, 

I wanted to do something special for Black Friday. 

If you purchase one copy of Grammar Hero during this period, I'll throw in the other 5 languages for free. 

That's a saving of 83%, or $985, whichever way you prefer to look at it. 

This offer is ONLY valid during this week, after which time you'll need to purchase each language separately. 

Of course, the best way to master grammar in one language, is to the grammar of other languages...

That's how you become a real expert - it gets easier with every language! 

Grammar Hero is available in: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese & Russian
My Prediction for Your Grammar...
The truth is that Grammar Hero is not for everyone. 

For a start, you might be a complete beginner in Spanish. 

To be clear, Grammar Hero is aimed at intermediate learners (B1 on the CEFR), as the grading of the stories and the grammar points we teach are aimed at typical learners at that level. 

Likewise, you might be more advanced, or have developed your own system of learning grammar which works wonders for you.

So if you're a complete beginner (A1), or you're an advanced student (C1) with strong grammar... Grammar Hero is not for you. Please do not enrol

Most importantly, though, you need to be willing to do things differently. 

Many people reading this will be lifelong disciples of traditional methods of language learning.

They'll feel comfortable in the classroom, learning grammar rules and working through an exercise book. That's where they're in their comfort zone, and they don't want to leave. 

And that's fine - after all, that used to be me too! 

If that is you, then Grammar Hero is also not for you. 

However, if you can answer "yes" to the following questions, then you might just be the kind of person for whom Grammar Hero can work miracles:

  • You accept that traditional grammar teaching might not be best for you 
  • ​You're prepared to study independently
  • ​You understand that learning doesn't happen in a straight line
  • ​You don't need a teacher standing over your shoulder checking up on you every minute
  • ​You don't rely on shiny apps with flashing lights and loud noises for motivation
  • ​You're willing to work hard, and possibly even put up with a bit of discomfort in order to achieve your goals
If this is you, then the next 90 days have something special in store for you...

Imagine walking up to a complete stranger and striking up a conversation in Spanish. 

Except ... the nerves have gone

The nerves have been replaced by an unfamiliar, yet exciting, sense of confidence.

Confidence to say what you want, the way you want to ... to express yourself in Spanish, like a native would.

To be free to enjoy talking to that person, without translating in your head or worrying about making mistakes. 

And to fully enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when the question inevitably comes: 

"Where did you learn such good Spanish?"

This is the kind of experience that awaits you when you learn grammar the natural way
So click the button below to enrol in Grammar Hero right now...

Your Hero Training awaits!
Money-Back Guarantee
If there's any hesitation in your mind right now, I'd like to extend to you the same no-risk guarantee that I offer to all my students.

Join Grammar Hero today, start learning, and if you don't absolutely LOVE what you find, I'll return your money.

Simply drop me an email within 30 days and I'll refund every penny, no questions asked. 

Of course, I know that as soon as you witness the transformation in your grammar, your speaking, and your confidence, you'll be so delighted with the result that I doubt you'll want to use this guarantee. 

But, as with all my programmes, the guarantee is there if you want it - for your peace of mind. 

Message from a customer on Twitter
It's how I build a long-term relationship with you, and have you trust in me enough to continue learn from me, be it your first foreign language, or your 10th!
One Last Thing...
Once you've completed your Hero Training, 90 days from now, and you've seen the extraordinary results that have come with such little effort...

Once you can walk out on to the stage without fear of forgetting your lines, beacuse you have complete confidence in your ability to talk to, entertain, even dazzle the audience...

Once you can finally enjoy speaking to people, and get to know them without hesitating or freezing up...

Do me a favour and spread the word.

The world needs more Heroes!

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you teach Latin American or Castilian Spanish
Grammar Hero is for you no matter what variety of Spanish you are learning, because intermediate Spanish grammar is mostly the same wherever you go. 

Our students learn all major varieties of Spanish - from Spain and throughout Latin and Central America - and benefit greatly from our material. Grammar Hero is written mostly in "neutral" Spanish, meaning we teach things that are appropriate for any Spanish-speaking country. The narrations of the stories is with an accent from Spain. 

It is often a concern of students not to learn the "wrong" kind of Spanish. However, 99% of the Spanish language is identical, whichever country you are in. Almost everything you learn in Spain can be used in Mexico, and vice versa. Differences in vocabulary between countries are mostly limited to certain familiar daily words and phrases (food, greetings etc), and the particular way of saying "you" (singular/plural). 

All varieties of Spanish share a common grammar, and Grammar Hero teaches you to become confident and literate in standard Spanish grammar. This is the best way to master any variety of Spanish you like! 
How is Grammar Hero different from other StoryLearning courses?
While Grammar Hero is also based on our StoryLearning method, the course is hyper-focused on the most common grammar problems that students run into while learning the language. We go over these common "problem areas" together until you've mastered them, making every part of the language that much easier to learn.
What level is Grammar Hero for?
Grammar Hero is aimed at intermediate level learners, which corresponds to B1 on the CEFR. This is because the stories have been graded for that level, and the grammar chosen for the stories is particularly important for B1 levels. You will still be able to enjoy and benefit from Grammar Hero if your level is lower or higher than B1, but please take this into consideration when you use the material.
Why is the course in US Dollars?
I have students from many countries around the world, and the US Dollar is the most widely-accepted currency. But don't worry! You can purchase the course with any debit or credit card, no matter where you live, and your bank will automatically convert the USD to your local currency at the market rate. 
Are the stories in each language the same or different?
Different. Each language has different "problem grammar", and the stories are written to focus on the grammar point, not the other way round! So, every language edition of Grammar Hero contains entirely different stories, to help you learn and practise the specific grammar points of the language in a targeted, efficient way.