What If You Never Forgot Another Word?
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Why Is Your Memory Full Of Holes?
If you're learning a foreign language, I’m willing to bet you recognize the following feelings: 

  •  You spend ages learning new words, but they never stick
  •  You recognize words when you see them, but can never recall them by yourself
  •  And of course, that terrible feeling when you’re in the middle of a conversation, and all those words you’ve been trying to memorize just vanish from your memory
Sound familiar?

The good news is, you're not alone.

Even better, there's a solution!

What you need is a reliable blueprint for memorizing new vocabulary in the language you're learning, in such a way that you never forget it, and always have it on the tip of your tongue in conversation. 

Is that too much to ask? 

Well, I don’t think so.

Of course, they don’t teach you this at school. And no-one ever showed me how my memory works... 

I had to figure it all out myself, one language at a time..

Words Would Always Slip My Mind At Crucial Moments....
My name is Olly Richards, and I’m an author, speaker, and language consultant.

I also speak 8 languages, which I’ve learnt by myself over the last 15 years. 

Language learning, for me, is much easier now than it was when I first got started, and that’s because I’ve worked hard to learn certain key skills, such as improving my memory.

As with all important things in life, the big lessons I learnt came from the toughest experiences.

For me, it was when I was living in Japan.

There were many things I found difficult about learning Japanese, but above all, it was a vocabulary problem… learning so many new, unfamiliar words seemed impossible!

At first, I thought it was a study problem. I thought if I just worked harder, I would grow my vocabulary faster.

But of course, I was wrong... 

I did study hard, but it never seemed to get any easier. I would learn more words, but then forget them again the next day. 

Conversations with native speakers never seemed to get any easier either, as the words I thought I’d learnt would always slip my mind at the crucial moment

After a couple of years of stagnation with Japanese, I was ready to give up, and I almost did, a few times. 

My breakthrough came when I decided to take responsibility for my memory, and not simply “leave it to chance” any more...
I Discovered The Secret To a Bulletproof Memory
FACT #1: If you want to have a good memory for new vocabulary in a foreign language, you need to learn how to memorize words effectively.  

FACT #2: If you want to be able to recall words quickly in conversation, you need to learn how to practise recalling words. 

It’s totally logical when you think about it… It’s just that no-one teaches how to do it!

In fact, it’s worse than that...

The skills of memory and recall, as they relate to language learning, are completely ignored by virtually the entire language learning industry. 

It’s as if they said: 

We're going to teach you thousands of words...

But we’re not really sure how you’re going to memorize them, so you’re on your own. Sorry!
After realizing this, I knew that if I wanted to properly grow my vocabulary in Japanese, and be able to use it in conversation, I was going to have to take responsibility .

First, I began to pay close attention to those moments when my conversations in foreign languages broke down, and why the words I had been studying only the day before vanished when I needed them. 

Later, I met other successful language learners, and began to study the techniques they used to memorize vocabulary, and look for similarities and patterns there. 

What I discovered is this: 
Every single successful language learning method follows the same three core principles of memory.  
If you can master these three simple principles, you can...

• Learn a shocking number of new words and phrases in any language quickly
• Store the new words in your long-term memory 
• Have them available on the tip of your tongue 

The result?

• Your conversations flow more smoothly,
• You can speak more fluently, and
• You can derive more pleasure from your language learning

So, what are these three core principles?

Well, in order to teach these principles to others in an easy-to-understand way, I developed a specific technique that anyone can use and apply in their own language learning.

I called it the A.R.T. Technique...

How The A.R.T Technique Will Revolutionize Your Memory
The A.R.T. Technique is an exciting new technique I've developed to teach you the three key principles of memory I mentioned before.

I like to think of it as the "A.R.T. of memory" ... get it?

The technique is simple and easy-to-understand, and you can use it immediately to start improving your memory, and make progress in your language learning .
What's unique about the A.R.T. Technique is that it's designed specifically for language learning.

While other memory methods might teach you memory techniques, you're left on your own to apply it to your language learning. 

(After all, there's a lot more to learning a language than just cramming a bunch of words!)

The A.R.T. Technique is an exciting new technique I've developed to teach you the three key principles of memory I mentioned before.

I like to think of it as the "A.R.T. of memory" ... get it?

The technique is simple and easy-to-understand, and you can use it immediately to start improving your memory, and make progress in your language learning .

What's unique about the A.R.T. Technique is that it's designed specifically for language learning.

While other memory methods might teach you memory techniques, you're left on your own to apply it to your language learning. 

(After all, there's a lot more to learning a language than just cramming a bunch of words!)
Proven memory techniques to rapidly grow your vocabulary in any language, hard-wire it into your long-term memory, and hold more fluent & enjoyable conversations
Bulletproof Memory is a self-study, multimedia course, which guides you through the process of mastering your memory.

The course is delivered over five modules, in which I’ll teach you the A.R.T. Technique, and show you how to apply it directly to your language learning.

Each module is made up of a series of short online classes, in which you'll learn the A.R.T. technique step-by-step. You'll also see exactly how I use it in my own language learning, and literally watch over my shoulder as I demonstrate the techniques. 

Best of all, this course is extremely practical. 

Let me explain how...

After each class, I set you very specific homework. The homework is designed to help you implement what you've just learned. In other words, you learn a new technique in the class, and immediately have you go off and put the technique into practise by memorizing new vocabulary yourself in the language you're learning.

This way, you're not just learning theory... You're learning from experience - lots of experience! 
By making the course so practical, I help you discover your own memory and how it works.

You’ll probably find that some of the techniques you learn are more effective for you than others, 

You’ll also discover that some techniques work better in certain situations. For example, the technique you’ll learn in module 4 is something I’ve nicknamed “The Sledgehammer”. This is the memory technique I use when I need to be 100% sure I’ll remember something. It takes a little more work than others, but it never fails! 

The great thing is that because you’re doing, as well as learning, you’ll actually be growing your vocabulary during the course itself! 

In fact, you’ll likely finish the course having learnt 100s of new words you didn’t know before! (It’s like getting new vocabulary for free, as you learn!) 

To started, and enroll in Bulletproof Memory today, simply scroll down and click the "Enroll" button below!

Who Is Bulletproof Memory For?
Bulletproof Memory is for anyone who believes that enhanced memory skills would improve their language learning, and their life. 

But let's be clear...

You will have to do the work! If you're looking for a "quick fix", or you're not open to new ideas, please don't enroll in this course.

However, if you're excited by the idea of exponentially increasing your vocabulary in your target language, enjoy learning new things, and are willing to put in a modest amount of work to get lasting results, this course will be a great fit for you.

  •  Any language
  •  Any experience level
  •  Fully downloadable course materials
  •  Access the course on any device, at any time
  •  Go at your own pace (Join today, start any time)
  •  Full lifetime access
  •  Instant access to the course after checkout 
If you’re ready to get started, then all you have to do is click the "Enroll" button below, and that will take you to checkout, after which you get instant access to the course and can start right away!

(One-Time Payment, Prices In USD)
  • Module 1: Memory Fundamentals
  • Module 2: The Memory Machine
  • Module 3: The Natural Approach
  • Module 4: The Memory Palace
  • Module 5: Your Hidden Memory
  • Bonus: Secrets To Recalling Vocabulary In Conversations
  • Bonus: Secret Task (x3)
  • Bonus: Vocabulary Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Regular Homework: Apply what you've learned
  • Private Members Forum: Stay accountable, motivated during the course and beyond
  • Full Lifetime Access: Come back as often as you need
  • Fully Downloadable Material: Access on any device, any time

100% Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee
If you truly want the benefits of a better memory, and come with a “Let’s do this!” attitude, I guarantee you will transform your memory and your language learning for life! 

How can I guarantee this? 

Quite simply because if you enroll in Bulletproof Memory today, apply yourself to the course, and don’t transform your memory by the end… I’ll give you your money back. 

It’s a full 30-day (cast-iron) money back guarantee. 

All you have to do is drop me an email within 30 days, and I’ll refund every penny - no hassle, no questions asked.

It’s the right thing to do, and that means you can try the course with literally zero risk attached.  

Does that sound fair?

I genuinely don’t think you’ll want to take me up on that guarantee, though, because as you'll see below... this course works! 

Where Do You Want To Be 1 Year From Now?
Right now, the decision you have in front of you is whether to take this step and enroll in the course, or… 

Do nothing. 

The truth is that many people do do nothing, and continue just as they always did.


If you don’t do things a little differently, you can’t be surprised, if 1 year from now, you’re still facing the same problems, and the same struggles with your language learning. 

So I encourage you not to do nothing, and to make this small investment in yourself today. 

You’ll thank yourself when you’ve put an end to the frustration of speaking with a limited vocabulary. 

When you can learn new words on demand, and recall them at will - it’s a giant step forward towards speaking your new language fluently! 

Of course, the benefits of an improved memory will go far beyond your language learning...

You’ll be able to use the techniques you learn on the course to memorize...

• People’s names
• Technical terms
• Numbers, dates, telephone and credit card numbers
• And much, much more...

Many people report an improved memory having a significant benefit on their quality of life, and even boosting their careers! 

So, let’s get started! 

You can click the button below right now to enroll in the course!  
See What Existing Students Are Saying...

"One of the best courses I've ever done!"

Bulletproof Memory is one of the best courses I have ever done. I have struggled with retaining new vocabulary to progress my Spanish for a while now due to a head injury I sustained a number of years ago. However, through Bulletproof Memory I learnt methods of how to remember voids and phrases. I can not speak highly enough of Olly's course and recommend that you do it along with his others!

- Robert Brooks

"My memory is not a mystery any more!"

I got a lot out of the course and it encouraged me to continue on my language learning journey!
 What I enjoyed about the course is an easy question to answer:

• The lessons were a week apart and that was just the right time. I looked forward to reading and listening every Saturday morning. I would then think about it and work on it all day. I sometimes got out of routine by the end of the week but I was ready for the next lesson by Saturday.
• I gained some good skills for learning and I feel more in control of my learning. I thought the lessons were informative and also fun
• I liked the secret memory task - it had that touch of intrigue
• You have an easy voice to listen to and understand!

These skills have given me ownership of my memory. It is not a mystery anymore!

- Heather Kastelein

"I learned a lot about my memory challenges!"

Bulletproof Memory was a very good experience for me. I took it quite seriously, and I learned a lot about my memory challenges. Thanks for indulging my frequent posts in the Facebook group! Thanks again for a great course!

- Neil Moss

"A new and unique experience for me!"

The classes in the course were a new and unique experience for me. I especially enjoyed module one, which gave me a lot of confidence in my language learning. Thanks also for your efforts and help during the course! I can't wait for more courses like this!

- Yogesh Verma

"Very practical and useful suggestions for expanding your vocabulary!"

I really enjoyed Bulletproof Memory, in particular the very practical and useful suggestions for vocabulary expansion and retention.", 

- Aaron Spurling

"I learnt many ways to improve my vocabulary!"

"My experience with Bulletproof Memory was most positive! I learnt many ways to improve my vocabulary in Japanese using the techniques and concepts you taught in the lessons. 

Above all, it was most motivating to continue learning, and not just stagnate in my current level. Learning Japanese is a hard road to walk, but very rewarding, on every step"

- Hartmut Kugapannen
Frequently Asked Questions...
How many weeks is the course over?
 The course is "go at your own pace", so you can take all the time you need to complete it. A good speed would be to take one module per week, thereby taking you 5-6 weeks to complete. However, you can complete the course faster or slower depending on the time you have available.
What format is the course?
Each module contains a class in video format which lasts about 45-60 minutes. In the class, I teach a specific memory technique or approach, which I then ask you to go and apply during the week in your own language study. The benefit of working this way is that it is highly practical, and you will notice results immediately!
Is there any course material?
The primary content of the course is the video classes themselves. In addition to the video classes, there are certain downloads and worksheets to help you apply the techniques you learn. 
Do I have to attend the course at a certain time every week? 
No, the material is recorded, so you can study at a time that suits you. 
Can I go back over the course? 
Yes, you have full lifetime access to the course, all materials, and the Facebook community. 
In the event that I do not like the course what are the refund criteria? 
Very easy, simply drop me a line within 30 days and I'll issue a full refund. There is no explanation required, although naturally it is helpful for me to know why so I can improve the course accordingly!
How do I pay?
There's a button beneath the information video that takes you to an order form.
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